Becoming a fugitive, Harvey now drops out of Eric's life and begins an odyssey of non-stop travel across the US in order to hide out from the law. But after being profiled on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, Harvey is apprehended in Ventura, and he confesses to the murder in Judge Lance Ito's (of the O.J. Simpson trial) Los Angeles courtroom. Shortly before his murder confession, Harvey is diagnosed with terminal cancer while Eric, who is also recovering from another form of cancer, goes into remission. The story the film tells evolves over the last five years of their relationship, beginning shortly before Harvey is released from prison for the last time. During this time, by identifying with his uncle, Eric comes to terms with his own moral conflicts and conscience, learning that life, crime, and morality come down to tough choices, and that the past has a way of catching up with each of us.

THE POET AND THE CON is 78 minutes long, shot in Black & White and Color, and was completed in 1998.