"Having worked in the field of independent film for over twelve years -with a special interest in, and knowledge of, personal documentaries (I curated a retrospective of this genre for the Sundance Film Festival), I can only say that THE POET AND THE CON is the most powerful I have seen since the award-winning SILVER LAKE LIFE.

I have rarely seen the courage, passion, & insight demonstrated in the film. The section with the Trules family at the picnic, the filmmaker's dealing with personal anti-Semitism, and the manner in which the main story is revealed are all most effective. Not only is the film a very personal document of the unique relationship between the filmmaker and his uncle, but it is also a film that deals with such universal themes as crime, family, morality, and redemption. It also once more confirms for me the belief that "real life" in film - when presented with artful candor and story-telling skills - at least equals, and sometimes surpasses, any fictional creation.

I feel strongly that THE POET AND THE CON has great potential at both domestic and foreign film festivals, a better-than-usual shot at theatrical exposure, and certainly a long and enduring life in non-theatrical (ie. televison and education) markets."

Robert Hawk, ICI, and Advisor to the Sundance Film Festival

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